Apology From Anorexia To Myself Part II

DAVID [12]


Dear Anorexia:

Before we met, I was a happy, humorous and strong young man. Then, once upon a time when I was feeling down, you came to me and lied about how you could make my life so much better and easier. I believed and trusted you from that day onwards, doing everything you told me to no matter what effect it might have on me. I stopped eating. I hid away from my friends and family. I refused to laugh or smile and most of all, the real me became hidden in the depths of our disgusting lies. But now as I write this, I can see how many fights have resulted in victory. You reduced me to a dangerous size but now I am x kgs. heavier. I have learnt to be with people, friends, family and ultimately good company. I have won back my smile and good humour. I no loner have to force a fake laugh at things and my smile is at its brightest. My old strength is returning to me. I can sense my old self emerging and I can’t remember feeling this good. Now, more than ever, I can feel my anger concentrated on you. It was you who did all of this to me and it’s you that I will get my revenge against. I shall banish you from my life forever. I am half way there and still getting stronger. Soon the real me shall fully emerge and you will disappear forever. That day, I have no doubt, will be the best day of my life. Because it will be the day thta you lose the war and my suffering ends. I am getting stronger every day and its only a matter of time before I reemerge as the hapy, humourous and strong young man that I once was. I am on the road to recovery and I will not let you stand in my way.

Yours stronger than ever before,