The Archive of Resistance: Anti-Anorexia/Anti-Bulimia

The Archive of Resistance
The Archive of Resistance

Welcome to the Archive of Resistance: Anti-Anorexia/Anti-Bulimia

A lifesaving archive of personal stories, essays, poetry, art, scholarship, and conversations about the body, anorexia, bulimia, perfectionism, and identity.

Please feel welcome to read, explore, share, contribute, and join us in the fight against negative body image.


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Title/ResourceAuthor(s)DescriptionAudience Date
Introductory Essay: Fighting WordsDavid Epston with Rick MaiselIntroductory EssayGeneral2000
The History of the Archives of Resistance - Anti Anorexia/Anti-BulimiaDavid Epston with Rick MaiselIntroductory EssayGeneral/Professional2000
Letter of Apology to JennyDavid EpstonLetter from a therapistGeneral2000
Conversation with Jenny and RonDavid EpstonBreaking the SpellGeneral2000
Separating the Person From the ProblemDavid EpstonIntroductory EssayGeneral/Professional2000
Consultation- GeraldMary [age 17]Insider ConsultationGeneral2000
What is Anti-Anorexia?Eva Wisdom [age 43]Breaking the SpellGeneral2000
Moral Dueling: Anorexia vs. Anti-anorexiaMandy [22], and David EpstonIntroductory EssayProfessional2000
Eight Letters in an Anti-Anorexic JourneyAnna, [13/14], Sara, Ann EpstonLetters from a therapistGeneral/Professional2000
Letter to the Editor: Transcultural Psychiatric Research ReviewHelen GremillionPsychiatry as Social OrderingProfessional2000
Co-research: The Making of an Alternative KnowledgeDavid Epston and RonnyCo-researchGeneral/Professional2001
Saving a LifeBy Anorexia, a friend to Kristen Webber, with David EpstonAnorexia SpeaksGeneral 2001
Anti-Anorexic/Anti-Bulimic Co-Research in Action: Upping the anti- and Planned RetreatsLorraine Grieves, David Epston, Eva, Rhona, and RebeccaCo-research correspondenceGeneral/Professional2001
Relationships: Pro or Anti-anorexic?David Epston and RebeccaLetters from a therapistGeneral/Professional2001
Anti-Anorexic Poem and ArtJohannaArtGeneral2001
Anorexia/Anti-anorexia and RelationshipsDavid EpstonEssayGeneral/Professional2001
Rebecca [23] and David Epston in ConversationDavid Epston, and Rebecca [23]ConversationGeneral2001
Anorexia and Sexual Abuse: An Interview Between Helen [22] and David EpstonDavid Epston and HelenTranscriptGeneral/Professional2001
Seven Letters In Another Anti-Anorexic JournalAnn EpstonLetters from a therapistGeneral/Professional 2001
Can Anorexia Swallow Up Your Anti-Anorexia?David EpstonLetters from a therapistGeneral/Professional2001
Living an Anti-Anorexic LifestyleJaneInsider EssayGeneral/Professional2001
Speaking Anti-AnorexicallyKathy [30]Insider EssayGeneral/Professional2001
Perfection and Anti-Perfection, Deception, and Counter-DeceptionDavid Epston and JerryLetters from a therapistGeneral/Professional2001
Anti-Anorexia/Anti-Bulimia EssayRebecca [24]Insider EssayGeneral/Professional2001
Letters to Emma [14], Sandra, Brian, and AnneAnneLetters from a therapistGeneral/Professional2001
My Anti-Anorexia So FarHelen [22]EssayGeneral2001
Letter from Dory [23], to MarianneDoryInsider ConsultationGeneral/Professional2001
Telling Your Mind From Anorexia’s “Mind” and the Kind of Life/Death it Requires of YouLucy and David EpstonTranscriptGeneral/Professional2001
Letter to Dory [22]David EpstonTranscriptGeneral/Professional2001
Co-Reseraching Anit- and Pro- Bulimic Practices in Therapy (c. 1989)Linda and David EpstonTranscriptGeneral/Professional2001
New Metaphors from South AfricaJohnana [33] and Jo VijoenLetters from a therapistGeneral/Professional2001
Portrait of a ManipulatorRhonda [17]EssayGeneral/Professional2001
A Portrait of BetrayalCaroline [20]EssayGeneral/Professional2001
Virtual Group ExperienceJohanna and SamanthaGroup DiscussionGeneral/Professional2001
Meeting with Diana [15] and her mother Ann (1996)Diana, Ann and David EpstonTranscriptGeneral/Professional2001
Anorexia I Hate You: A PoemChloe [15]PoetryGeneral2001
Consultation LetterLorraine GrievesConsultation LetterGeneral/Professional2001
Questioning SpiritSandy [37]PoetryGeneral/Professional2001
SpellboundDavid EpstonEssayGeneral/Professional2001
An Interview with AnorexiaDavid EpstonTranscriptGeneral/Professional2001
Interview with LarrisaLarrisa [19] and David EpstonTranscriptGeneral/Professional2001
Considerations for Instituting an Anti-Anorexic/Anti-Bulimic “Therapy” PracticeDavid EpstonQuestions for TherapistsProfessional2001
The Claws of Anorexia Have Lost their Grip on Me ForeverMichelle [14]Letters and PoemsGeneral2002
Listen to our Stories: Young Women with Anorexia Nervosa Speak Out About Hospital ExperiencesJacqueline SegalDissertationProfessional2003
Power Discourses and Afrikaans Women: Living with Fire Jo Viljoen and Grace [35]Chapter from DissertationGeneral/Professional2004
The Bullshit of BulimiaDavid Epston, Jo Viljoen, and Annamie [17]ArtGeneral2004
Anorexia, A PoemNicholle [13]PoetryGeneral2005
Exposing PerfectionismDavid Epston, Victoria, Lona, and ChloeA ConversationGeneral2005
Hotel AnorexiaLaura, Stephanie, Mel, Julie, Joanne, and WendyPoetryGeneral2005
Apology From Anorexia To MyselfDavid [12]Insider LetterGeneral2006
Apology From Anorexia Part 2David [12]Insider LetterGeneral2006
Apology From Anorexia To Myself Part 3David [12]Insider LetterGeneral2006
Interview Between Frances [17], and Kay IngamellsFrances [17] and Kay IngamellsInterviewGeneral2006
AnorexiaRaisa [16]PoetryGeneral2006
“Hopeless Case”Kylie [19]ConversationGeneral2007
Anti-Anorexic CredoIlana [36]CredoGeneral2007
Countering That Which is Called AnorexiaAndrew Lock, David Epston, Richard MaiselPaperProfessional2008
Resisting Anorexia/Bulimia: Foucaldian Perspectives in Narrative TherapyAndrew Lock, David Epston, and Richard MaiselPaperProfessional2008
Anti-Anorexic Poetry and ArtMarie [14]Art and PoetryGeneral2009
Anti-Anorexia/Anti-Bulimia: Bearing WitnessDavid EpstonBook ChapterGeneral2009
My Story of Struggling with AnorexiaAshleigh [16], and Ashley's MotherInsider essay and lettersGeneral 2011
The Impact of Food GuiltLisa [35]Insider EssayGeneral2011
Dear AnorexiaKatie [17]Insider LetterGeneral2012
The Thick and Thin of ItSarah [34]Insider EssayGeneral2012
Anti-Anorexic ParentingRichard, Ann, and David EpstonParentingGeneral2000
An Anti-Anorexic ChristmasDavid Epston and MandyParentingGeneral2000
Helen - Turning Point (1991)David Epston and Helen [22]TranscriptGeneral/Professional2001
The Corner: Clients who inspired youDavid Epston and Julie KingInsider EssayGeneral/Professional2011
Cracks - unsuffering myself and my daughter: a conversation with antianorexia/ bulimiaDavid Epston and Julie KingInsider EssayGeneral/Professional2013
Anti-Anorexia/Bulimia: A Polemics Of Life And DeathDavid Epston and Rick MaiselBook ChapterProfessional2013
Biting the Hand that Starves You - Chapter 5, A Conversation with BridgetRichard Maisel, David Epston, Ali BordenPreviously Unpublished Book ChapterGeneral/Professional2004
Anti-Anorexia/Anti-Bulimia: Bearing WitnessDavid Epston Narrative TherapyGeneral/Professional2008