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The Narrative Therapy Archive
The Narrative Therapy Archive

Welcome to the Narrative Therapy Archive, a treasure chest of resources on narrative therapy: personal stories, academic articles, conversations, interviews, techniques, scholarship, notes, ideas and more.

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About Narrative Therapy With ChildrenJennifer Freeman, David Epston, Dean LobovitsNarrative Therapy with Children1997General
Expressive Arts TherapyJennifer Freeman, David Epston, Dean LobovitsNarrative Therapy with Children1997General
Reflections on the Peace Family Project: One Family's StoryDean Lobovits and Jennifer FreemanNarrative Therapy with Children1997General
Unexpected Journey: Invitations to DiversityDean Lobovits and John ProwellNarrative Therapy Research1996General/Professional
Relational Co-Research In Narrative Training and SupervisionDean Lobovits and Emily SeidelNarrative Therapy Research1995Professional
Annals of the New Dave: Status: abled, disabled, or weirdly abledChronicled by David Epston, Dean Lobovits, Jennifer FreemanNarrative Therapy in Practice1997General/Professional
A Proposal for an Interview Format and Practices of Appreciation that Value Teachers' and Students' Knowledges in SchoolsMaria Kecskemeti with David EpstonNarrative Therapy Training Materials1995Professional
Engaging Young Persons In Externalizing Conversations: Developing Abilities and KnowledgeDavid Epston & Sallyann RothNarrative Therapy Training Materials1995Professional
Framework for a White/Epston Type InterviewSallyann Roth & David EpstonNarrative Therapy Training Materials1995Professional
What We See Is What We Get: Rex-Examining Our Assessment ProcessWilliam C. MadsenNarrative Therapy In Practice1999Professional
Open Heart Surgery: Context and Practice Part I and IIWally McKenzie, et al.Narrative Therapy in Practice1999General/Professional
Open Heart Surgery: Reunion and Reconciliation Interviews - Part III & IVWally McKenzie, et al.Narrative Therapy in Practice1999General/Professional
Networker Workshop MaterialsDavid EpstonNarrative Therapy Training Materials2000Professional
Expressive Arts ProcessJennifer FreemanNarrative Therapy Training Materials2000Professional
Expanded Expressive Arts ProcessJennifer FreemanNarrative Therapy Training Materials2000Professional
Narrative Group Therapy with the Seriously Mentally Ill: A Case StudyTony VassalloNarrative Therapy Research2001Professional
Mad Fax sunday: Are some Virtual Communities More Real Than Virtual?Kerry Lane, David Epston, & Sue WinterNarrative Therapy in Practice2001General/Professional
A Format of Questions for an Alternative Version of a Problem's Relationship to a Couple's RelationshipDavid EpstonNarrative Therapy in Practice2000Professional
Collected Papers: Dory the CatDavid EpstonNarrative Therapy in Practice2001General/Professional
Notes from Workshop at the 2001 Adelaide Narrative Therapy and Community Work ConferenceDavid EpstonNarrative Therapy Training2001Professional
Towards Collaboration: Raymond's StoryGaye Stockell & Marilyn O'NeillNarrative Therapy in Practice2001General/Professional
Guilty of Everything: Letters From A Therapist to BrianDavid Epston & BrianNarrative Therapy in Practice2001General/Professional
The Bypass Operation: An Approach to Feeding Problems in Young ChildrenMichael White, David Epston, Dean Lobovits, Jennifer FreemanNarrative Therapy with Children2001General/Professional
It Takes an Audience to Solve a Problem: Teaching Narrative Therapy OnlinePeggy SaxNarrative Therapy Training2003General/Professional
Feminism, Therapy and Narrative Ideas: Exploring Some Not So Commonly Asked QuestionsShona Russell & Maggie CareyNarrative Therapy Research2003Professional
Rescued Speech Poems: Co-authoring Poetry in Narrative TherapyChristopher BehanNarrative Therapy in Practice2003General/Professional
The Getting and Giving of WisdomsKate Ingram, Ed. Susan CorbyNarrative Therapy in Practice2003General/Professional
Taming the TerrierDavid Epston and RonnyNarrative Therapy with Children2004General
In Conversation: Exposing PerfectionismVictoria, Lona, Chloe, & David EpstonNarrative Therapy Research2005General
When All the Time You Have is NOW: Narrative Practice at a Walk-In-Therapy Clinic Karen YoungNarrative Therapy Research2006General
Reclaiming the Honor of Our AncestorsMargriet BoomNarrative Therapy in Practice2008General
Counterviewing Injurious Speech Acts: Destabilising Eight Conversational Habits of Highly Effective ProblemsStephen MadiganNarrative Therapy Research2008Professional
The Application of Michel Foucault's Philosophy in the Problem Externalizing Discourse of Michael WhiteStephen MadiganNarrative Therapy Research2008Professional
A New Genre of a Narrative Therapy Approach to the Problems of Young People and their Families/CommunitiesDavid EpstonNarrative Therapy Training Materials2009Professional
Joel, Can You Help Me Train Amber to be a Guard Dog?Sasha, Amber, Joel Fay, Isha, & David EpstonNarrative Therapy in Practice2009General
Neighborly Ways of Being and Paradises in Hell: Communal Practices That Support Naturally Occurring CommunitiesPeggy SaxNarrative Therapy Research2011Professional
To Do No HarmJohnella BirdNarrative Therapy in Practice2002General/Professional
What doesn’t the problem know about your son or daughter?David Epston and David MarstenNarrative Therapy in Practice2010General/Professional
The Corner: Stories this timeDavid EpstonNarrative Therapy in Practice2010General/Professional
The Corner: Mother Appreciation PartiesDavid EpstonNarrative Therapy in Practice2012General/Professional
The Craft and Art of Narrative Inquiry in OrganizationsFrances Hancock and David EpstonNarrative Therapy in Organizations2013Professional
Saying Hullo Again: Remembering Michael WhiteDavid EpstonNarrative Therapy Portraits2013General
The Liverpool Supporter and Anti-Fear PersonDavid EpstonNarrative Therapy in Practice2011General
Putting pressure on yourself to put pressure on the problemDavid EpstonNarrative Therapy with Children2013Professional
The Ethics of ExcitementDavid Epston, David Marsten, Lisa JohnsonNarrative Therapy with Children
An emergency response to ‘going off your face’ at schoolDavid EpstonNarrative Therapy with Children2013General/Professional
“I am sick of the Problemʼs Dirty Tricks”"David EpstonNarrative Therapy with Children2013General/Professional
Introduction to White, M.(2011), Narrative Practice: Continuing the ConversationsDavid EpstonNarrative Therapy Portraits2013General/Professional
Jennifer Freeman Remembers Michael SearleJennifer FreemanNarrative Therapy Portraits2010General/Professional
My Response to Margarita’s ‘Friday Afternoon’: Positive Psychology and Narrative PracticesDavid EpstonNarrative Theory and Development2013Professional
The politics of knowledgeDavid Marsten, David Epston, Lisa JohnsonNarrative Therapy with Children2013Professional
To Christchurch with Love: Story 2David EpstonNarrative Therapy with Children2013General/Professional
To Christchurch with Love: Story 1, The Renewal of BraveryDavid EpstonNarrative Therapy with Children2013General/Professional
Format of Questions for an Alternative Version of  Problem's Relationship to a Couple's Relationship David EpstonNarrative Therapy with Couples1995Professional
The Corner: Mother Appreciation PartiesDavid EpstonNarrative Therapy2012General/Professional
The Corner: One Good Story Deserves AnotherMarsten, Epston, JohnsonNarrative Therapy2012General/Professional
Stealing a Passage HomeIngamells, EpstonNarrative Therapy2013General/Professional
The Corner: The Problem of RainJohanna MilneNarrative Therapy2015General/Professional
The Corner: Clients That inspire UsEpstonNarrative Therapy2014General/Professional
The Corner: Cloaked in Life and Death: Re-surfacing From the Loss of a Father Kay Ingamells, Anita IjsseldijkNarrative Therapy2013General/Professional
The Dirty Pants Problem And A Wonderfulness Interview
David EpstonNarrative Therapy2016General/Professional
Consulting Your Consultants, Revisited
David Epston, David Marsten, Lisa JohnsonNarrative Therapy2011General/Professional
The Corner: Stories This Time
David Epston Narrative Therapy2010General/Professional
The Corner: A Stepson/Stepfather Reunion
David Epston Narrative Therapy2012General/Professional
The Corner: Clients Who Inspired You
David Epston Narrative Therapy2011General/Professional
Spitting Truth: Part 1
David Epston Narrative Therapy2015General/Professional
Spitting Truth: Part 2
David Epston Narrative Therapy2016General/Professional

Stealing A Passage Home- Full Story
David Epston, Kay Ingamells Narrative Therapy2012General

To Christchurch with Love
David Epston Narrative Therapy2011General/Professional
Guilty of Everything: Letters From A Therapist to BrianDavid Epston, and BrianNarrative Therapy in Practice2001General/Professional
Introduction For Special Series for "The Corner": Exemplary Tales, Virtual ApprenticeshipsDavid Epston Narrative Therapy2016General/Professional
The Corner: The Problem of RainDavid Epston Narrative Therapy2015General/Professional

The Corner: Re-Imagining Narrative Therapy, A History for The Future
David Epston Narrative Therapy2016General/Professional

Exemplary Tales: Virtual Apprenticeships
David Epston, Kay Ingamells, Travis Heath, Sasha MCallum Pilkington
Narrative Therapy2016Professional

Insurance Policies For Miracle Cures: A Story Illustrating Narrative Counselling Practice With Someone Approaching Death
Sasha MCallum Pilkington Narrative Therapy2016General/Professional
Editors Note For Special Series For The Corner: Exemplary Tales
David Epston Narrative Therapy2016General/Professional

There’s Always A Puppy
Tom CarlsonNarrative Therapy2016Professional

Wilbur The Worrier Becomes Wilbur The Warrior
Kay IngamellsNarrative Therapy2016General/Professional

Learning How to Counter-Story In Narrative Therapy (With David Epston And Wilbur The Warrior)
Kay Ingamells Narrative Therapy2016General/Professional

A Tale Of An Exemplary Tale In The Classroom: An Accidental Inquiry Of The Restoration Of Beauty
Gwen Mitchell, David Epston, Travis HeathNarrative Therapy2017General/Professional

Learning Narrative Therapy Backwards: Exemplary Tales As An Alternative Pedagogy For Learning Practice
Tom Carlson, David Epston,
Amanda Haire, Emily Corturillo, Ana Lopez,
Sara Vedvei, Sasha Pilkington
Narrative Therapy2017General/Professional

Restoring Mana and Taking Care of Wairua: A Story of Māori Whānau Healing
Wiremu NiaNia, Mana, Rangi, Allister Bush, David EpstonNarrative Therapy2017General/Professional

Re-Imagining Narrative Therapy: An Ecology Of Magic And Mystery For The Maverick In The Age Of Branding
David EpstonNarrative Therapy2018General/Professional

Temper Tantrum Parties: "Saving your face, losing face, or going off your face!"
David EpstonNarrative Therapy1989General/Professional

Anthropology, Archives, Co-research and Narrative Therapy, an interveiw with David Epston
David EpstonNarrative Therapy2001General/Professional

An Apprenticeship as an Anti-Anorexic Therapist
David Epston, Jo Viljoen, Rick Maisel, Pieter, Johanna.Narrative Therapy2000General/Professional

The Corner: Spitting Truth From My Soul Pt 1
David EpstonNarrative Therapy2015Professional

The Corner: Spitting Truth From My Soul Pt 2
David EpstonNarrative Therapy2015Professional
The Tiger who Came to TeaDavid EpstonNarrative Therapy2019General