Raisa [16]


I hate you!

You make me sick

You made yourself part of me,

So well I can’t divide you from me.

Is this what you wanted?

To see me slowly dying

To make me tired and hungry

To dry my skin

To make me loose my friends

Take away my education

My future

My very life!

Every time I try to loose you

You give me the puppy face!

But that’s not how you are

You are gruesome, brutal

And cold blooded

You control my every move

You promise me true happiness

But give pain and sorrow instead

You made me feel accomplished

I felt in control

But you set me up

You were the one in control.

You tore me apart from so many people,

My lovable family

My wonderful friends.

You push my limits

And yet you are never satisfied.

And when I fail

You scar me so painfully

I want to die.

I want to rip you apart

But it seems like that’s your goal for me.

Everything is your fault

Don’t make it seem like its mine!

Don’t give me that innocent puppy face either.

I’m putting my foot down

We’re through!

I am happy without you

I don’t need you ever again

So when will you finally leave me alone?


Special thanks to my father, mother, sisters, brothers, Olga, Casey, and Tianna.
Thank-you, you will always be in my heart.