Apology From Anorexia To Myself Part III

Apology From Anorexia To Myself Part III

DAVID [13]



In the month of November in the year of 2005, I was smothered in the darkness of anorexia and perfectionism. Over the next few months, I was starved, my confidence was stolen, everything had to be perfect and if I made a mistake I was cruelly punished. I was no longer in charge of my life.

It is now in the month of August in the year of 2006. As I write this I am no longer smothered in the darkness and I hope that nothing I do in the future is ever perfect again. I have fought unbelievably hard and I have come out of the ordeal and out of the darkness into life and to the light. It may have only taken six months or so to defeat this psychological monster but to me it felt like a lifetime. And now that I have come out of this peril, I feel that I have been given a second chance. I can now have fun, my confidence is slowly coming back, I am back to doing well at school and most importantly I accept myself and I am proud of how I am unique. I have ambitions to be a doctor and I hope this experience can help me understand others. I no longer try to find faults within myself and I find that I would rather be myself than anyone I’ve ever met. Too me that feels like a huge victory. I have made good friends and I enjoy going to school to acquire new knowledge.

I feel so close to being completely back to normal and if this is as normal I’m going to get, I am completely satisfied. I have found the war with its many battles and I have won.

I have rediscovered happiness.

Apology From Anorexia To Myself Part III
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