Constructing the Narrative In Supervision

Constructing the Narrative In Supervision
ISBN: 9780473114466

Johnella Bird is already well-known for highly creative thinking that challenges the implicit rules governing therapeutic practice. In her new book, Constructing The Narrative In Super-vision, she leaves behind the traditional role of the authoritative expert ‘supervisor’ and presents a fresh approach to super-vision. This method emphasises the use of prismatic dialogue to evoke the voices of all the participants in counselling and super-vision. Johnella guides the reader through these practice-centred techniques, allowing for a genuine exploration of the dynamic interplay between participants’ subjective experiences and their theoretical and life knowledges. As always, Johnella is willing to confront and clarify the experiential nature of the power relation as it occurs within therapeutic and super-vision relationships.

About the Book

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Constructing The Narrative In Super-vision presents rich, illustrative material that effectively grounds the ideas and practices. Readers of Johnella’s earlier books will know how effectively she interweaves transcript and clinical scenarios into her writings. This book is relevant to all clinicians who participate in super-vision. Johnella demonstrates ways to expose different expectations, hopes and experiences within therapeutic and super-vision relationships while maintaining professional boundaries. These illustrations will assist all participants of super-vision to prepare for challenging or difficult conversations.

Book also available with two of Johnella Bird’s CD’s:

CD 1: Practising Super-vision, Extra-vision and Extending Vision
This presentation focused on —

  • The historical development of the super-vision ideas that Johnella uses.
  • The introduction of new change-making possibilities through the use of tentative language.
  • The emphasis on direct experience as a narrative resource.
  • The construction of a boundary that surrounds participants in therapeutic and super-vision relationships.


CD 6: Constructing The Narrative in Super-vision
This presentation focused on —

  • Using prismatic dialogue in super-vision.
  • Re-searching direct experience by taking up the inside/outside position.
  • Emphasising relational accountability rather than one-way accountability.
  • Exposing the operation of power within super-vision and therapeutic relationships.
  • Using the imagination as a resource.


Constructing the Narrative In Supervision
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