Treating Huckleberry Finn: A New Narrative Approach to Working with Kids Diagnosed ADD/ADHD

Treating Huckleberry Finn: A New Narrative Approach to Working with Kids Diagnosed ADD/ADHD
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Treating Huckleberry Finn offers a drug-free alternative to treating rambunctious children. Author David Nylund's SMART approach is a five-step strategy to understanding, nourishing, and learning to control the millions of youngsters who have been unfairly branded with the diagnoses of attention deficit disorder and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

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“David Nylund asks the interesting philosophical question, ‘If Huckleberry Finn was on Ritalin would he have tried to help the runaway slave Jim escape?’ Treating Huckleberry Finn should be read by both professionals and families looking for an effective alternative to medication-only treatment for ADHD.”

-Lawrence H. Diller, M.D., author, Running on Ritalin

“If you believe that Ritalin and behavior therapy are the only hope for kids diagnosed with ADHD, then read this book and feel challenged. If you are one of those professionals concerned about the biological fundamentalism currently gripping the field, then read this book and feel confirmed.”

-Scott D. Miller, cofounder, Institute for the Study of Therapeutic Change

“A much-needed corrective to the one-sided medical model treatment. This is the only book that actually seems to care enough to ask children what they think about being labeled ADD or ADHD and medicated on Ritalin or other drugs. I applaud David Nylund’s positive approach and his practical strategies for helping parents, educators, and mental health practitioners relate to children with troubling behaviors in a way that fully preserves their integrity as whole human beings.”

-Thomas Armstrong, author, The Myth of the A.D.D. Child and ADD/ADHD Alternatives in the Classroom

“For those interested in thinking outside the box regarding ADD/ADHD this book presents a practical yet creative and uplifting approach which has the potential to liberate children and families, therapists and educators from the constrictions that the diagnosis often imposes.”

-Jennifer Freeman, co-author of Playful Approaches to Serious Problems

“I doubt that Huck would read this book. He’d rather light out for the Territory ahead of the rest. But I’ m sure that if he met David Nylund along the way, he’d be glad to have him as a traveling companion. This book is proof that David has been exploring the Territory, so I know he’s out there I’d like to listen to when he and Huck meet up.”

-from the foreword by Gene Combs, M.D.

“Reports of the death of talking therapy for “ADHD” have been greatly exaggerated! In this engaging, well-written volume, Nylund provides a raft of valuable ways for working with children and families, whether on Ritalin (or similar) medications or not. Professionals-and parents-should not miss this important, highly recommended book!”

-Michael Hoyt author of Some Stories are Better Than Others

From the Inside Flap

What would happen if Huckleberry Finn were in school today? Huck was a fidgety, restless, and ornery kid who would rather be exploring caves and smoking his pipe than sitting in a classroom learning the multiplication table. Today he would be labeled a troubled kid and diagnosed with a severe case of attention deficit disorder (ADD) or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). To calm him down, Huck would be sent to the school nurse for his regular dose of Ritalin.Author David Nylund is one of a growing number of behavioral healthcare professionals who are convinced there is no scientific evidence that attention deficit disorder or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder actually exist. In Treating Huckleberry Finn, he presents a proven strategy for working with youngsters who, like Huck Finn, exhibit problematic behavior such as fidgeting, distractibility, hyperactivity, difficulty listening, paying attention, and following directions.

This approach helps kids thrive by harnessing their innate abilities and talents. Nylund’s SMART approach–which gets results even with the most rambunctious, high- spirited, and unfocused children–consists of five basic steps: Step One: Separating the problem of ADHD from the child; Step Two: Mapping the influence of ADHD on the child and family; Step Three: AttAnding to exceptions to the ADHD story; Step Four: Reclaiming special abilities of children diagnosed with ADHD; and Step Five: Telling and celebrating the new story. In addition to debunking the myths surrounding ADD and ADHD and outlining a strategy that is results oriented, Treating Huckleberry Finn offers behavioral healthcare professionals, teachers, and parents:

  • Assessment tools that highlight a child’s strengths rather than deficits
  • Creative teaching methods for engaging children with learning problems
  • Strategies to empower children diagnosed with ADHD
Treating Huckleberry Finn: A New Narrative Approach to Working with Kids Diagnosed ADD/ADHD
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