Anti-Anorexic Credo

Ilana [36]

The end of November was the 3rd anniversary my “graduation” from the treatment program. As part of their graduation ceremony, I was encouraged to write a kind of treatise about my future. I just re-read it and thought I’d share it with you. If you think it would be of help to anyone else, you certainly have my permission to share it.

An Anti-Anorexic Credo

“I hereby agree, from this day forward, to accept my hungers, be they physical, spiritual or emotional and to do my very best to feed myself appropriately. I agree to embrace progress over perfection, self- acceptance over self-destruction, freedom over confinement and self-love over self-loathing. I agree to be a risk-taker, to sit with any and all emotions which surface and then forge ahead anyway. I agree that recovery requires my continued vigilance, honesty, courage and humor, and I agree to do what it takes each day to embrace the life I desire. I agree to love freely and to accept the love and support of the family I’ve created.

I accept the beauty and complexity that comes with being a woman and I accept the responsibility to care for my body as she continues to carry me through this world.”